University of London, Institute of Education

A hasty departure on the morning train from the relaxing simplicity of Cambridge brings us to busy, bustling London where we head directly to the University of London’s Institute of Education.


At IOE we take up discussions with faculty and graduate students about the challenges of providing equitable higher education access in an increasingly unequal society.  Drs. Simon Marginson and Sue Dynarski formally share their thoughts, each followed by panel discussions, with further questions and responses from attendees.  Our thanks to host Dr. Gillian Wyness for her hospitality and coordination.


After a full day of conversation and exchanging of ideas, we finally check into the hotel and take a little breather before venturing into the city.  Our arrival in London coincides with a city-wide, 24-hour Tube strike (the first in a decade!) which brings subway transit to a complete halt and has a significant impact on surface transportation, be it personal or municipal.


Fortunately, our evening plans are not seriously impacted and we take in a concert at St. Martin-in-the-Fields in Trafalgar Square, after which some of us venture back to the hotel via a series of buses, while others enjoy a walk past Buckingham Palace.  We ALL sleep well tonight!